Director's Message:

The fundamental aim of the institute is to transform young, dynamic cadets into a professional, capable Engineer and Master to face the challenges on the sea. VMI faculty members have decades of experience both in academics as well as industry, and have an in-depth understanding of shipboard responsibilities.

VMI takes effort to provide relevant academic programs of practical and real world knowledge in order to empower the cadets to achieve professional and personal success in today's competitive, diverse and dynamic society by providing excellent learning-support facilities, faculty and infrastructure.

We believe in the current and future skill requirements of the shipping industry and assist BSM to meet identified needs that contribute to long term competitiveness, develop the potential of individuals and help Shipping Industry to secure the skills base.

The Shipping Industry offers job opportunities for thousands of people in India. Shipping job is one of the oldest careers offered with charm, income and a unique lifestyle. So I invite youngsters who like to ride on the tides and fulfill their dreams.

Wish you all the Best…!

Mr. Shivjeet Moray,
VMI, Pune.